Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thinking About Buying An iPad?

I was the reluctant one in the family about taking the plunge into iPad land.  I just was not sure the educational value would justify the expense.  Once friend and her children came by and showed me how they could point the iPad at the sky and it would point out all the constellations we could see, I was hooked! After doing more research on using the iPad in education, I became convinced that the sheer number and quality of iPad apps for education would give my children an edge in using a tablet for education.

So, now we have done it. My response: I love it!  I love that the kids love it.  We have so much fun and are  constantly widening our horizons because of the iPad.  So we, like most purchasers of the iPad, have no regrets.  If you can save up for an iPad, I have to recommend it above all other tablets because of its incomparable versatility as an educational tool.

Although we are not ready to throw away our books, audio CDs or DVDs, we have certainly found a place for our iPad in what we lovingly call our homeschool-appschool.

I will be posting more about choosing an iPad and setting up your iPad for education in future posts.

See below for some possible iPads available on  We have a white one like the one featured below.

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Unknown said...

We also just decided to buy an I Pad 2 for Christmas! I am hoping that the educational apps will be as great as you say they are. Thanks for sharing.