Favorite Christian Books

These books have changed my life and outlook as a Christian and they have impacted my whole family as well. What most of these books have in common is that they seek to bring us outside of ourselves and our comfy, cozy family and church life and really see the hurting world as God does.

I began to see that the privilege God has given me of being able to stay home and home educate my children is for reasons far more than just their protection or my desire to teach and train them. This marvelous privilege of being a homeschool mom is part of my wider privilege of being a Daughter of the King with the power of Jesus Christ my Savior and the Holy Spirit dwelling within me.

None of these glorious privileges are just for my comfort (but oh how comforting they are!) but they are designed for me to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to reign here on earth. I hope you find one or two to inspire you.

Clicking on the picture or title of the books listed below will send you to Christian Book Distributors web site where you can read more about the book, including reviews and often look inside the book. Happy Reading!

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