Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gizmos: Virtual Manipulatives Teach Science

I just learned of yet another way to make science fun at home or at school. Gizmos are virtual manipulatives available as flash presentation modules on various topics to pique a child's interest in science and math through their natural love of computer technology, hands-on learning and video.

Courtesy of ExploreLearning, there are 450 interactive science modules that students can use to deepen their knowledge and pique their curiosity about science. Some math topics are available as well. With both classroom editions as well as a home version, the Gizmos (as each interactive unit is called), would be useful to school districts as well as homeschool parents. The topical modules are geared for state standards and once you register and record your state of residence, your state's educational standards will become available on your personal homepage.

Teachers can browse the many topics and choose which ones will automatically populate their class lists. The process is fairly straightforward and many tutorials are available on the site.

Right now, we are taking advantage of the 30-day free trial which includes unlimited access to all of the interactive science modules.

Take a look and see if Gizmos might be right for your family!

Scroll down for just a few of the topics covered.

Have fun!


Examples of topics covered include:

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