Thursday, January 06, 2011

More Bad News About Today's Girl Scouts

I had posted some time ago about the radical feminism of today's Girl Scouts.  After some research, I was totally shocked at what I found.  Well, it gets even worse.  Girls Scout leaders, in partnership with Planned Parenthood,  have been handing out a dangerous guide for girls about their "relationship and reproductive choices" advocating risky behaviors.  See the article by Concerned Women of America here.

 Moms, please do your research and seek the Lord before letting your girls become a part of this organization.  Consider boycotting Girl Scout cookie sales.  We do.  Think of what your money is going to support.


Lovin' Life said...

I am so glad to hear someone commenting on this. I read a bit about the girl scouts and I don't really like what I hear. I think that you are right that as Christians we should be careful what we are allowing our girls to join. Thanks for mentioning this.

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Wow. How sad.

Anonymous said...

'Gross' was the first word that came to mind.

I can't believe I've just stumbled across your blog as I am thinking about adoption, homeschooling and recently I was wondering if scouting has gotten any better or what was up with them.

Thank you so much! God bless.

sammy sosa said...

its really sad to hear people who dont know anything about girl scouts talking about them like that. ive been a girl scout for at least 7 years now and ive never seen a single thing about risky behavior. safty wise doesnt alow risky behavior of any kind. let alone relationship and reproductive. safty wise along with every leader out there carefully plans and monitors thier girls and thier behavior. they dont alow for risks. and if you boycott cookies think of all the little girls who will get thier hopes crushed becouse girlscouts couldnt pay for her oppertunity to go to a new country and discover a new culture. useing god as an excuse to do something like that is wrong and stupid

Encourager Mom- Victoria Carrington said...

I understand that you are upset and thank you for adding your experience with Girl Scouts to the conversation.
UPDATE: As of today, I checked the Girls Scouts website and they explicitly deny having any partnership with Planned Parenthood. I can only go by the official info. on the GSA website- I do not know what happens in each individual troop. I advised parents to do their research as I had and come to their own conclusions as we did.

sammy sosa said...

every troop follows the same rules. the only diffrence is location and people