Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waiting On God

I have a lot to learn about waiting on God but what I am beginning to see in His Word about this important topic is encouraging me to do more of it. 

Our preacher has been preaching much on revival and as a result, he is preaching much on waiting on God.  This only makes sense.  How could we dare "rush" God to do things in our timing?  Do we not remember that his ways are not our ways?

As I was contemplating these things, providentially, our Associate Pastor's wife shared with me a book she was reading by Andrew Murray (1828-1917). Actually, it was a compilation of his works but the included devotional book that particularly interested me was the one titled "Waiting On God".  What a blessing it has been for me!

I recommend it for anyone who struggles with patiently waiting for God to has His perfect in her life.

This book is available free online if you wish to print it out.  Or, below, find links to Christian Book Distributor's site for more information on Waiting On God and the compilation book of Andrew Murray's work that our Associate Pastor's wife shared with me.  

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