Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prince Caspian Is On DVD!

Hurray! We loved the Prince Caspian movie and went to see it the first day it played in theaters. We do not often go to the movies so this was quite a special event for us. We splurged and got popcorn, drinks, the "whole nine yards" and it was wonderful.

I am a big C.S. Lewis fan and I especially enjoy how his stories often remind me of Bible stories. No arguments here about whether or not his work is biblical allegory. I just like the familiar feeling I get when reading or watching the works of Lewis.

So my birthday was yesterday (now officially past the 4-0 mark) and guess what I got? Yep, the NEW, just released Prince Caspian. Now I can watch it over and over again (in all my free time).

Get your
Prince Caspian DVD

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