Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Teacher Pay the Problem?

I bet most homeschool moms, who although appreciated are unpaid laborers, would disagree with the statement that lack of competitive pay for teachers is the main cause of mediocre teaching today.

However, this article in the New York Daily News makes some interesting points about why so few women of excellence are pursuing teaching careers.

They believe the avoidance of rewarding excellence in credentials or performance practiced by the major teachers unions is mostly to blame. The authors of the study point out that before the prominence of teacher's unions, teachers who graduated from top-tier colleges were paid more than teachers from other schools.

Of course, the union officials interviewed claim that merit pay is not fair and before the unions took control and made education the heavenly realm that it is today it was merely a bastion of the privileged being overpaid while others languished in poverty.

The ridiculous reluctance of the educational elite to change anything for the sake of our children makes me weary.

Just homeschool your children people!

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