Thursday, May 12, 2005

New Features on This Site

I am trying to make my site as helpful to other homeschoolers as the blogs that I visit regularly. I started this blog with the hopes of serving those in the homeschool community by providing news and information that would be helpful. See my initial post here.

I came across a homeschool parent who created a dynamic list of local homeschool support groups for homeschool websites. The lists are arranged by categories (I chose the category "Christian") and by putting a bit of simple code on your site, your visitors can view the number of links that you designate (I chose 5).

Check the left lower margin for the current list of local Christian groups around the country. I will expand this if it seems like a helpful feature.

Secondly, as you can read from my previous post here, I have been blessed with the incredible opportunity to review Christian books for Mind and Media. My first book arrived in the mail- Hooray!- and I will be reviewing in the next few weeks. The book is "Jesus" and it is simply a biography of Jesus' life written by weaving together the 4 Gospels. So far, it is quite captivating! I will keep you up-to-date as I continue reading (in all my free time-HA). Meanwhile, check out the graphic of the book in the left margin if you want more information.

Well I am off to heat up dinner, leftovers, and to straighten up the house which has really suffered this week.

Finally, you will find links to our homeschool store on this blog. Thanks everyone for supporting our store! Keep this mama home and homeschooling!

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