Thursday, March 17, 2005

What Were You Thinking?

It seems that several times each day I find myself wondering (often very loudly and in an irritated tone of voice) what on earth these kids are thinking when they perform some of their antics. I am reasonably sure that they really are not just trying to drive me crazy (are they?) and I believe they are of at least average intelligence but sometimes the things that they do just shock me.

Take Alyssa today. I was busy taking care of my business in the bathroom (yes, you know that I get no privacy) and she had found an old key on a keychain. Keys on keychains used to be Chase's favorite toys. (Ah, the simpler days!)

Well, anyway, Alyssa, being the adorable little 16-month old that she is started using the key to pretend to open all the doors in the bathroom. I remember thinking how cute it was to see her pudgy little hands role-playing with the key and thinking how brilliant she was that she what a key was and how to use it. I'm just being honest. After all, if your own mother can't think that you are brilliant then who can?

Well, I had to interupt my reverie to finish up what I was doing and so that I could get dinner going. In the 30, no more like 10, seconds that it took me to look away from Alyssa to attempt to find the tissue (we can not keep it on the roll anymore becuse those cute pudgy fingers will rip the ENTIRE roll to shreds),she managed to transform from cute role-playing toddler into a WWYT poster child.

The girl had put the key UP HER NOSE! Yes, that's right, the key was placed inside of her nostril. She was just holding it up there just as calm as you please. She did have a slightly quizzical look on her face. Was she wondering "What posessed me to do that?" I do not know for sure.

I did not want to shout too loud lest I frighten her and make the pointy object go even further into the place where it should not be. So as I moved towards her to calmly remove the key from her she removed the key and went on about her business.

I found myself trying to recreate the moment that the key went into her nose. Was she merely wondering, "What do keys feel like in your nose?" or was there something more intellectual, more scientific in her query?

I guess I will never know.

Hey, I could do a whole series on WWYT moments. Like the time that Chase decided to bring his water gun into the bathroom and proceeded to get the entire bathroom soaking wet when I thought that he was just going to the bathroom....

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