Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The "Wonder Twins" Again

Why is it that if Alyssa sleeps through the night, Chase wakes up instead? Why is it that if Chase is playing quietly so that I can get some writing done, Alyssa suddenly needs my full attention? Is it a conspiracy?: "Hey, I am too busy to bother her right now so why don't you take over?" I do not HEAR them talking and Alyssa can not really talk yet anyway.

This is where I come back to my Wonder Twin example. No, my kids are not twins but they are brother and sister like the Wonder Twins. Remember how the Wonder Twins could send silent messages to each other in times of danger? Have my kids been watching this show? Does it even come on anymore?


Last night, Chase slept like a baby and Alyssa was up most of the night, presumably because of the teething. When I finally managed to get some Tylenol in her (she fights it) she eventually went back to sleep. Oh, my aching eyelids!

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