Thursday, March 06, 2014

LEGO Master Builder Academy

Lots of educational fun for your older or more experienced LEGO builder with the LEGO Master Builder Academy online learning and LEGO sets.

A major reason why my 13-year old enjoys the LEGO MBA is the online videos. They include very interesting interviews with actual Master Builders, employees of the LEGO group who design the cool, large LEGO figures that get lots of attention worldwide.

The LEGO group may not do the best job of advertising this great part of LEGO, despite overwhelming good reviews from parents and kids. I am including this link to the description of the program for parents for your consideration.

Highlights of the LEGO Master Builder sets include very thick and detailed instruction books that include ways of making many different items from your set. My son has enjoyed the versatility of the sets. There are also quizzes.

Overall, we heartily recommend the Master Builder Academy sets and the online group and instruction that comes with it.

Lego Master Builder

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