Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Staying Happy On Gray Days

The gray days are coming here to Northeast Ohio. I have asked the Lord to help me to be content in all seasons that we have here, although I have to admit that Fall and the upcoming Winter have not historically been my favorites. Here is what I do to try to keep my spirits up despite lengthening darkness and cloudier skies:

  • I try to spend as much time as I can outdoors, especially when it is actually sunny outside. My kids love this too and if a whole sunny day comes to an end and we have not gone out, I feel regret.
  • My new photography habit hobby helps to get me outside to take landscape photos. Find an activity that you can enjoy outdoors to help you get more daylight and fresh air. Photographing God's creation also makes me more grateful for all the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Gardening is another option that I have done in past years but not this year as much.
  • I like to use the bad weather as an excuse to snuggle up and have more fun indoors. We have actually saved one of our favorite read-along books which I ordered last winter, Winter Days With The Moody's, to read this fall.
  • Cooking up hearty fall favorites is a great pleasure for me. Apple Crisp, braised chicken or beef and hot mulled cider immediately come to mind!
  • Bring the outdoors in through herbs and herbal products. My daughter and I enjoy creating natural herbal products for body and home. Right now where I am sitting I smell the delightfully heady scent of Rose Lavender body powder my daughter made and I packaged into pretty little labeled powder containers. Mmmm. so nice!
  • I try to keep up with my inspirational reading each day. Beside the Bible, I subscribe to a number of uplifting Bible devotional feeds on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter so no matter which social media I may be able to catch up on in any one day, I will be encouraged.
  • I have been putting up some of my Encourager Mom photos around our house. My daughter even printed some out on regular paper and folded them so they stand up on our kitchen table. Of course I have one in the bathroom- everybody has to stop in there!
  • I love listening to uplifting Christian music on days that we have to be indoors and in the car. From Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae to sweet Jamie Grace or the powerful Keith and Kristin Getty, music just helps to refresh our atmosphere, no matter the weather outside.
What are some ways that you encourage yourself on dreary days?

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