Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When Holidays Hurt

When Holidays Hurt

“Happy Holidays!” We are likely to hear this phrase a lot in the coming month. However for some, the holidays are not so happy. Instead of memories of Thanksgiving fun or Christmas cheer, some of us have only memories of family discord or one or both parents being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on holidays.

While others are enjoying time with family and friends, some of us are only reminded of the pain if not having close family and friends to spend time with, perhaps due to circumstances beyond our control or maybe because we have alienated and hurt others.

Some are confronted by memories of loss by death or illness. Others are painfully reminded of the ways their closest relationships have failed them. Holiday celebrations then serve to highlight unhappy marriages, wayward children and broken relationships with friends.

As people of God, may we all be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit this holiday season. From acts of service for those in need to taking time to find out if someone is really having a happy holiday, the Spirit wants to guide us to make God’s love real to all who hurt.

Know that Encourager Mom has prayed and will continue to pray for all broken, hurting people this holiday season.

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