Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Missionary Videos

We have been enjoying missions based devotions in our home. We especially like video resources that show us various people groups from around the world that we can pray for as we learn about their culture, living conditions, religion and more.

Our main resource is It was from this site that we first learned of missionary videos. Each day, we study a different unreached people group. For some people groups, there is a related video to help us to learn more about the peoples. This feature appears to only be available on the web, not on mobile. Also, we also realized that we do not know which groups will have an associated video. So we went looking for more sources.

The HistoryMakers site has a number of very nice videos about reaching various people groups with the Gospel.

The New Tribes Mission site also has a page full of videos from many different regions, along with stories of the missionaries and their successes and trials.

I am sure there may be many more similar sources of inspiring missionary videos. Care to share your favorites?

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