Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Drawing Unto Him Fine Art- Review

Wow! I do not know where to begin this review although I have given it quite a bit of thought. I do know that I have not been this excited about a homeschool class for a long time so I must let you know about this one.

We just had our first class with Jesse Ruffin, founder and lead artist of Drawing Unto Him studio and art curriculum. Formerly TKH Studios, Drawing Unto Him offers more than just another fine art class from a Christian perspective. It is more like learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the lens of fine art.

Today's class was an excellent introduction, both to drawing (sketching) and God's story of redemption as told in the Bible. Students were challenged to consider the purpose and nature of art and God's role in art, how God considers art and ways in which art can be God-honoring or God-denying. They also learned the basics of how to look at objects and translate what they see to their sketch pads.

All supplies were of the highest quality and were the students' to take home. The kids were very excited about that! The set-up was very professional and included sturdy wooden easels for each student to use while in the class along with spotlights to showcase the item being studied.

It is hard to explain the power and presence of God that seemed to fill the room as Jesse bought the lesson proclaim the Gospel. The other mom who was there felt the same way. Not only was it great for the students to hear the Gospel (I am convinced we can never hear the Gospel too much as we tend to get caught up in our busy lives and forget who we are in Christ), but I was also pleased that he was serving as a role model of a professional using their talents and skills for the glory of God, unashamed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As much as I want my son to learn about art and be able to produce works of fine art, the more important lesson I want him to take away from these years of homeschooling is how to live a life unashamed of the Gospel.

And importantly, the students loved the class as much as the moms!

My son was impressed that "This was not just an art class, it was like a Bible study too!".

So there you have it: Fine art instruction meets the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the person of Jesse Ruffin via Drawing Unto Him Studios.

If you are not in Northeast Ohio or if you are unable to commit to a class, consider purchasing Drawing Unto Him curriculum to use at home at your own pace.

Drawing Unto Him- Christian Fine Art Instruction and Curriculum
Jesse Ruffin and His Family

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