Saturday, March 16, 2013

Join the Fun Science Network

Fun Homeschool Mom blog is pleased to announce the unveiling of the Fun Science Network, resources to make learning science fun for everyone!

As a travel on the web looking for science resources for my children, I have had to do a lot of sorting and sifting. A simple Google search often sent me to a site filled with irrelevant links and lots of ads and many of the top sites returned in searches seemed to all rely on the same source material.

Often by accident, I would come across a gold mine of a site that I did not find through search engines. I began to collect and categorize these sites in  my ever-growing Evernote notebooks, my Pinterest boards and on my this blog. It was difficult to keep up with everything and sometimes hard to find what I saved.

Also, it occurred to me that other educators, parents and teachers, may have faced similar frustrations and also come up with some great resources that I could use and benefit from and also share with others.

I have a sense of urgency to prepare our children to positively impact our world through the tools fo science. Whether or not a child decides to become a scientist, the tools of inquiry and critical thinking learned best through science and math, will be invaluable. We live in a post-manufacturing era in which all employees will likely be interacting with sophisticated computer programs, from the garbage man in his automated truck to your physician who increasingly relies on technology both in the office and in the operating room.

Please join me as we make learning science fun for everyone!

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