Saturday, March 23, 2013

Are Homeschoolers Achieving Technical Literacy?

Or are our kids spending more time playing games than learning to code to create games?

Are we teaching our children according to out-dated paradigms that worked well for agricultural or manufacturing- based economies but may cause our children to falter in our current and likely future, knowledge-based economy?

Are we so focused on looking at past educational methods and successes that we are ignoring what is best for our children now and in the future?

As homeschoolers, we are blessed with the flexibility to tailor our children's educational experiences. We could be taking advantage of unique situation to help our children lead in the New Economy.

Are we, as homeschool moms, equipped to lead our children to technical literacy and technical competency?

As Christians, do we believe that God made a mistake, we were born in the wrong century and need to long for the days of yesteryear? Or do we believe that we are meant to be here for "such a time as this" to impact our current culture for Christ?

I suggest these are important questions for all of us to consider as we wind down one school year and look forward to another.

Check out this link to a great video on TechCrunch addressing the general issue of kids learning to code.

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