Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Electronics Projects for Kids

Thanks to Milk and Honey Mommy via the HipHomeschoolMoms site, I learned of an electronics kit with accompanying videos that will allow you and your 7-12-year old to build fun electronic projects together.  The company is called EEME and they were recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a "top pick for kids at Maker Faire" in New York City.

Right now the company offers only one complete project with more on the way.  Videos of how to make the first project, the Genius Light, a light with sensing device capability, are available for free and include quizzes.  The entire kit, including all of the materials needed to complete the project will be sent to your home for $50.

We have not yet tried this project but based on the review by Milk and Honey Mommy, we will.

I am so grateful that more electronic and engineering resources are being made available to younger children. After years of noticing how American children are being outperformed in the sciences, it is exciting to see more resources being made available to expose our children to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects with hands-on projects to encourage their interests.

Have fun working on tech projects with your children!

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