Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Orange Essential Oil Benefits

Orange oil ant spray. Orange oil bathroom cleaner. Orange oil bathtub cleaner. Orange oil kitchen and floor cleaner. Orange oil glass cleaner. Orange oil carpet freshener.

I think my family is wondering what is with me and orange oil.

You know how I am about mixing up my own recipes for DIY bath, beauty and home products. My orange oil product testing has been especially fun. (not as good as the massage oil testing though, sorry just had to throw that in there).

 I just can not stop cleaning with this stuff!  It just smells so, well, sunny! I love it, especially in the dreary gray days we have been having around here.

It all started with a few ants. We had some unseasonably warm weather followed by crazy cold weather and in they marched. None of us were very happy to share our cozy quarters with the little guys so I did a little research, pulled out my little spray bottle, armed it with vinegar and orange oil and decided to see what happened.

The ants did die but they put up a fight. I then switched to all orange oil and that was even more effective more quickly.

Easy recipe- orange oil in a spray bottle, labeled.

Stay tuned for more orange oil recipes or start experimenting with your own.

See the great infographic on orange oil benefits below:

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