Sunday, December 09, 2012

Used Curriculum Deals

I use as my go-to site when looking for any homeschool curriculum.  I recently picked up Streams of Civilization, the God's Design for Chemistry series by Answers In Genesis for a class I will be teaching and Diana Waring's history CDs and student history text, all at great prices.

Buying on the site is user-friendly with a good search function and listings that are easy-to-read with minimal clutter.  If you find an item you would like, you e-mail the user directly to give your address and get their PayPal address or mailing address for check or money order.

Selling on is equally as straightforward.  After a simple sign-up, adding a listing is as easy as pressing a button. You will be guided through choices of grade, publisher and subject and then prompted to write a few words about your item, such as the edition and whether or not it is current. Then the above procedure is followed.  Sell a few items for free and then upgrade for as little as $5 via  I find upgrading well worth it to clear our shelves of old curriculum.

So visit and while you are there check out the items I am selling.

Happy Shopping!

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