Thursday, December 13, 2012

Too Much Pressure?

Is your child's spirit being crushed under the burden of homeschooling?

Too Much Pressure?

Are your expectations and demands making it difficult for your child to find the joy in learning and being together as a family?

Is your homeschool filled with tears, sadness and frustration?

Sad girl wearing glasses with arms crossed on stack of books

Would you like to make a change?  May I suggest that you stop reading this blog post and retire to a quiet (or semi-quiet) spot for even just 3 minutes and seek the Lord for his will for your his homeschool as you seek to educate your his children for his honor and glory.  Your prayer will not go unanswered!

Once you and the Lord have settled some things, come back to this blog (and upcoming website) for encouragement, inspiration and tips on putting God and fun into your homeschool and family life.

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