Saturday, December 15, 2012

Teach Children HTML

I have been searching for resources to teach my son (and me) html.  I know just enough html to be dangerous and I have begun sharing some of the basics of HTML (that is all I know) with both of my children, ages 9 and 12.  Most of these sites also include options to learn other programming languages as well.  Here are some I have tried, enjoyed and found helpful:

How to teach children what different coding looks like in real time:
Teach children html with w3SchoolsThis simple, no frills and allows your child to try many commands independently and see what happens. At higher levels, they even offer a certification course for just $95.

An interactive way to learn basic html step-by-step that is quite fun:!/exercises/0
CodeAcademy to teach children html and other languagesI was just fooling around with it and ended up painlessly learning some JavaScript! A "teacher" in the console guides you to put in certain commands and see what happens. You have levels that you can reach by completing the exercises.  Brilliant. Oh, and they are hiring (in NYC).

Learn HTML online tutorial

A great tutorial on learning basic html.

Using Google Chrome Inspect Element Plug-in to learn html and moreA great way to see real live changes on any website in real time by using the Google Chrome browser plug-in Inspect Element.  Another compelling reason to switch to Google Chrome, our primary browser right now.
Check out this tech blog for easy instructions on using the inspect element and W3Schools together.

Eight YouTube videos by Google on coding html, CSS and JavaScript.  These are posted on blog that specializes in technology for churches but has a lot of great information on learning to code.

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