Saturday, December 15, 2012

Learn Basic Programming For Kids- Online

Not coming from a tech or IT background but having a son who is interested in these areas has caused me to spend much time researching options for teaching children computer programming skills.

Tech experts (including those who are parents seeking to give their children an education in programming), have different views on which computer programming language children learn in which sequence and at what age.

Below are some sites to teach languages commonly recommended for children to learn programming.

    Ruby for Kids- learn programming
  • Learn Ruby- The very kid-friendly Kid's Ruby site is a fun, non-threatening way to learn the modern programming language Ruby.

    Greenfoot to make learning programming Java easy
  • Learn Java- Greenfoot's tagline is:
    "Educational software designed to make learning programming easy and           fun."  This free download will run on any computer (we are Mac users so this is important).

    Visual Basics for Kids- e-book by Microsoft
  • Learn Visual Basic- Microsoft's free e-book Visual Basics for Very Bright Kids (get the pun?  It took me a while too.) uses a cartoon type environment to make learning fun.

    Learn C# for children- e-book by Microsoft
  • Learn C#- another Microsoft offering for children is C# For Sharp Kids. From the website:
    With fun cartoons and easy to follow code samples, you'll be creating your own inventions in no     time! 
    Waterbear to learn html and more
  • Learn HTML-WaterBear is a site dedicated to help children and others learn programming in fun environment or "playground".

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