Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Gospel Project-Family Bible Time App

Wow. I just do not know where to start about this app and the whole Gospel Project program published by Lifeway.  I first learned about these study materials on my new favorite Christian site, The Gospel Coalition.

This truly special, grace-based approach to studying the Bible as a continuum of God's story of redemption of humanity is truly everything I could wish for in a Bible study.  The app is just one small part of a full curriculum that can be ordered for homeschools, Sunday Schools and families.

The app and corresponding program are multimedia.  One great feature are fun, thought-provoking video "conversation starters".  The one about the cupcakes arguing about their origins (did they just come together from crumbs or did a baker create them-to be eaten!) is our favorite so far.

Next, the Bible verses to be studied are presented in a variety of ways.  This first section is on the opening verses of Genesis. Also, there is a "worship" section with a music video featuring the words of the verses in a catchy way for children to remember.

Next are the games.  My students often argue over the playing of the games until we remember that may not be a nice way to act during a Bible devotional!
The games are clever and fun and reinforce the learning from the lesson.

Although the app is free to buy, there is an in-app purchase to allow you to purchase the lessons after trying it out for free.  I was hooked and bought the lesson after just sampling it for a few minutes.

I also purchased the adult lessons for myself. More on that in another post.

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