Friday, November 30, 2012

Family-Friendly Movie Guide iPad App/iPhone App

My husband is a big movie guy.  He loves movies and so do our children. However, it is difficult to find movies that we feel are appropriate for our children, despite the Hollywood ratings system.  Although a movie may seem clean and appear to be about children or families, we were often left shocked at the content.  We have learned to research our movies well before exposing our children to them.

We are so excited to now have an on-the-go way to check out movies in-depth for family-friendliness in the Movie Guide iPad app.  Just put in the movie title you are interested in and read detailed reviews from a family-oriented, Christian perspective.  We may not always agree with all opinions rendered but we always come away with a good feel for the movie and we have not been disappointed yet.

The MovieGuide app is available in a free, trial version but at 99 cents, the real-deal is a steal.

Click below to find out more.

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