Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Educational Videos For Homeschool-App-school

My children learn very well through videos.  Like most children today, they enjoy watching videos.  Even the subjects least interesting to them become captivating through the medium of video.  I have found several ways to incorporate videos into our fun homeschool-app-school.

  1. Borrow videos from your local library or from friends.  We are blessed to be in an area with more than one library system and the ability to order resources state-wide. Once I learn of a video or topic that I feel we should watch, I go online to the library catalog and order it to be sent to a library near my home.
  2. Watch videos on NetFlix.  I will research on NetFlix to either find a specific video or topic.  I have been especially pleased with the NetFlix selection of Christian biographies and missionary stories as well as some engaging creation science animal videos. (I am planning to include lists of those on this blog soon.)  There is now a NetFlix App for the iPad and iPhone. NetFlix is available for a free trial and if you choose to sign up, you pay just a small monthly fee for full access to all streaming videos and DVDs.  This fee is much lower than the cable TV bill of anyone that I know which is why many families I know have ditched the cable in favor of NetFlix.
  3. Watch videos on Amazon Instant Video  The selection of Christian videos does not seem to be as good as NetFlix but there are many options available. Again, an app is available for the iPad and iPhone to watch the videos on a mobile device.
  4. Access the YouTube Educational service and set up your own educational YouTube channel for your homeschool.  This is an amazing free resource with some of the best videos from around the web.  From Sesame Street to astrophysics, all the educational content you could want is found on YouTube.  Go to http://www.youtube.com/teachers to learn how to make your own educational channel to restrict your child's viewing to the educational videos you choose.  Go to http://www.youtube.com/education to view teachers from universities and programs and schools around the world videos. There is also information on how to create and upload your own educational videos as well.  This Google product is awesome!
  5. Finally, find below listed many sites online that feature free educational videos.  The ones I have chosen below have no or minimal ads and seem professionally produced.

    Only one, BrainPop (and BrainPop Jr.) is also a paid program for which you pay a monthly or yearly fee (as low as 17.50 per month) to access all the videos on the site. This site is one of our favorites and there is a free trial to allow you to try it out. Free videos are available for viewing online and there is also an "app for that", free, that features a new video on a regular basis. The app is available for the iPhone and iPad. We use it regularly.

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