Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Talent Shortage Alert: Big Data

Would you like your child to pursue a career in which he could call the shots, name his price and live happily ever after (or something like that)?  Maybe he could consider a career in Big Data, the up and coming field of data science.  As I wrote in my post on 21st Century Homeschool Science, we need to keep our children aware of and prepared for the latest in science and technology.  One area of particular  growth that I mentioned was Big Data, working with very large numbers to help businesses and others make informed decisions.

TechLines News today featured a story on this shortage of Big Data scientists.  They were reporting from a major tech conference at Temple University.

The report stated:
The talent shortage in big data is a hot topic among technology leaders. At a conference held by Temple   University last week, tech leaders repeatedly bemoaned how hard it was to find talent.
The article went on to state that the view of industry insiders is that the only way to fix the problem is to provide curriculum to educate students so that they will be able to fill the available jobs.

Why not give your high school or middle school student exposure to the concepts of Big Data and information about careers in the field?  Let us take our students far beyond memorizing facts and traditional areas of math and science. As homeschoolers, we can lead the tech race of the 21st century!

Never heard of Big Data?  Learn more at the ZDNet site or check out my article here.

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