Monday, October 08, 2012

Math For Girls

I have a little girl.  She likes being a little girl and she likes girly things.  She does not, however, like math.

So her dedicated teacher (me) decided to think up ways to make math more girly.  It is not too hard to generate a math worksheet and put some hearts or butterflies or whatever your girly-girl likes on it.

Sometimes, you can find girl-themed math worksheets on the teacher/worksheet websites such as or, two of my favorites.  You can also try making worksheets on these and other sites as well.

My coolest find:, a site that offers girly math apps for the fun-loving, math-hating girl in your life.

It is so 21st century yet so sentimental. math apps feature lower level math (up to simple addition and subtraction) for now but would be a good drill, reminder even for older girls.

MathGirl Number Garden teaches basic number sense and MathGirl Addition House builds upon Number Garden.  The games features activities of taking care of a home and garden.  The graphics are sweet and feature abundant pink along with flowers, bunny rabbits and hearts. What's for a girl not to love? She won't even realize she is learning math.

Any interest in me posting girls math worksheets here?

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