Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hanging Out In A Hurricane...

Well, actually, Sandy was re-classified as a post-tropical storm or cyclone.

We thank God that we were kept safe during the episode.  The worse is over here in Ohio from what I have heard although we are still dealing with rain, wind and gray skies.

Since this type of storm does not happen often, we decided to get a little closer to the lakefront (not too close!) to take a look.  It was so windy that it took my breath away!  Of course, the children thought it was very exciting and put together their own video recording of storm news and kept a journal of all the exciting events.

Here is a photo of us near Lake Erie yesterday afternoon holding on to each other while dh took the photos:

Our family at Lake Erie during Sandy

We pray that you and your loved ones were kept safe from the storm.

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