Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mission Minded Books Discount

My mission-minded mom friend Ann Dunagan over at Harvest Ministries is offering a special discount for Homeschoool Mom Tips Blog readers.

As you may already know, our family became a big fan of Ann, her family and her ministry after my husband began reading her book, The Mission-Minded Family, to us during our family devotions.  It was so exciting as we had not heard anyone so unashamedly preparing their children to actively seek the Kingdom of God and God's work and heart for the nations.  Whether or not we as a family or any of our children actively go, we know that all of us need to have a heart for missions and seek God's will for what ways we should be actively serve him in this way.  See my review of The Mission-Minded Family and look for an upcoming review of the The Mission -Minded Child here soon.

Both of Ann's books, The Mission-Minded Family and The Mission-Minded Child, will be available for purchase for a special price for both books.  You  can purchase the books as a set directly from Ann at a 60% discount!  All you need to do is in the memo line. (Your cost will be $15 for the two-book set, with FREE postage, which is their bottom-line cost).

Your can order through Harvest Ministry's contact page -- include your mailing address, mention "Home School Mom Tips - Mission-Minded Book Set" and she will simply send the books with an invoice to be paid by check -- to "Harvest Ministry" -- after the books are received.

Follow the link below for free samples of each Mission-Minded book as well as a great free study guide Ann has produced for families and groups to use:
Happy reading!
Mrs. C

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