Sunday, November 13, 2011

Multiple Miracles: A Mother's Devotional

  From John 21: 1-14--
    The resurrected Jesus appeared to the apostles while they were engaged in their usual occupation, fishing.  Despite fishing all night, they caught nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  This seems hard to believe as these men were hardly amateurs but likely had been fishing since boyhood with their own fathers.  We already see Jesus’ hand here as believers for thousands of years to come will read of this story and the stark contrast of their absolute failure with the abundance that is to come from Jesus Christ the Risen Lord.  We are reminded of Jesus’ words, “for without me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5).

    Jesus, in his infinite wisdom, chose to perform not one but several miracles to meet one need for his apostles whom he tenderly calls “children”.  When Jesus appeared to the apostles he:
    1. Made fish appear out of nowhere. 
    2. Allowed 153 fish to be caught in the men’s fishing net.
    3. Strengthened the net so it would not break.
    4. Most importantly, he was himself alive when he had been dead!

    Jesus can still do this for us today.  If we need a miracle, he can make it happen step-by-step.  Some requests we have for our Lord may seem difficult to us because of the many obstacles between our present condition and the desired outcome.  God knows all about it and he has a plan if we will only trust him! 
    One present-day example of the need for multiple miracles is in the area of moving to a new home, a situation several families we know, including my family, have faced in recent years.  Moving requires so many steps that it can seem quite a daunting task even once you are sure that it is God’s will for your life.  Our Lord must first give us a sense of peace to move forward with a plan of moving, then help us find a real estate agent, give that agent wisdom and favor and then help us sell our home, find a new home, and arrange financing.  Finally, we must be given strength and wisdom to move, pack and unpack all of our belongings.  Many families reading this, including mine, could give testimonies about about how our Good Lord was with us every step of the way through the moving process.  How I thank God for his abounding provisions in my life! 
    I pray that I will continue to build my faith that God is still in the miracle-working business today. From trusting Him in our adoption journey to praying for orphans, homeless and hungry people around the world, I need to always remember how much God cares about His creation.  Reading stories of Jesus’ wonder-working power help to remind me to expect the impossible from an Almighty God but my faith quickly falters if I allow myself to forget.  As the man prayed before Jesus- Lord I believe but help my unbelief!
     Let each of us remember to give God all of our concerns, every step of the way.

    Prayer: Thank you Lord, for allowing me to know your loving presence in every situation and decision I face today.  Continue to remind me, Holy Spirit that you will be working through me, doing the impossible, every step of the way.

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