Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Review: Ken Ham Creation Science DVD

Since my 9-year old son began listening to the Jonathan Park series of creation science audio dramas, he has become more interested in and knowledgeable about all aspects of God's wonderful creation.

Ken Ham's DVD, "Top Ten Questions About Genesis and Creation", produced by Vision Forum, has helped to stoke his interest even more. I found myself quite curious as to what the top questions would be from a man who for many years has been in the forefront of speaking on behalf of our Mighty Creator and His all-encompassing role in our Universe.

Some questions were somewhat predictable ("How did Noah get all of the animals on the Ark?") but others were a little surprising. One of the surprises for me was "Where did Cain get his wife?" which Ham stated was one of the most frequent questions he has received over the years. I always assumed that he married a sibling and that is exactly what Ham discusses.

Questions about the origin of races, carbon dating and the global flood were all very interesting and informative.

This video presentation of a conference lecture could be an excellent springboard to spark discussions, reading and research in your homeschool on relevant topics in creation science thus preparing you and your children to defend the biblical worldview of creation and the history of mankind.

Visit Vision Forum to get your copy today!


Melissa said...

Can you tell me which JP cd you started with? I have heard wonderful things about that series! Thank you!

Encourager Mom- Victoria Carrington said...

Number one is probably best to start with. We happened to start with one in the middle because a friend gave us that one first and we were immediately hooked and then went back and listened to number one later. That worked fine for us.

No matter which you choose first, just listen!

Mrs. Carrington