Thursday, March 19, 2009

Classic Bible Storybook: A Review

Our family was blessed with the opportunity to review the Classic Bible Storybook written by Kenneth N. Taylor and published by Tyndale House Publishers- Thanks, Christy!

This beautifully illustrated book contains over 100 Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Both the children and I enjoyed reading from this Bible storybook as part of bedtime ritual.

The Classic Bible Storybook has several unique features that made it a big hit with our family:
  • Warm, charming, realistic illustrations. We find that some modern Bibles with their cartoon-like illustrations are distracting and perplexing.  For me, unrealistic, silly or exaggerated illustrations subtly convey a message that undermines the holiness of the Bible.
  • The 121 Bible stories include some that are not commonly found in children's Bible story books.  Job, Paul's Epistles and Revelation are included in the book's material at a level that children can easily understand.
  • Short review questions, usually 3 or 4 of them, are featured after each story to aid in comprehension and retention of the important elements of each story.  My children especially love this feature and each tries to answer as fast as he or she can, game-show style, to see who can answer first.  Mom is gratified because she can tell that the kids are listening carefully to the story and the kids have fun.
  • Not too "dumb-downed".  The stories often use the same language found in the Bible and they avoid irreverent paraphrases.  At the same time, the language used is certainly not too difficult for most children and this level gives the children an opportunity to ask questions when they do not understand something, helping them to learn.
Kenneth Taylor is a gifted writer of Bible stories for children and his stories have been read to three generations of children around the world, including his own ten children.

I believe the Classic Bible Storybook is a book that you and your children or grandchildren will enjoy reading over and over for years.  We continue to enjoy it nightly. It would make a wonderful Easter gift or surprise in a child's Easter basket.

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