Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Food Fridays

I may not be the greatest gourmet cook but me the children and I come up with some cool ideas that make eating more fun. So this week we begin our Fun Food Fridays series. Please, add your own fun food idea!

Mom's Mini Biscuit Buffet (You will notice many of the names of the recipes begin with "Mom's"-my children choose the recipe names.)
We used a basic biscuit recipe, adding lemon juice to the milk in place of buttermilk since we had none.
Next, use a very small round cookie cutter to make the biscuits out of the rolled dough. (Alyssa loves to do the rolling)
Layer one or two cut-outs on top of each other to make layered biscuits.
Bake the biscuits on parchment paper, probably for less time than stated on the recipe since they are likely smaller.
Once the biscuits are out, take them off the pan immediately. We put ours into a bowl and covered them to keep them warm.
Here comes the most fun part, the Biscuit Buffet.
Provide a variety of toppings for your biscuits based on what you have on-hand. I had boiled chicken to serve creatively so our toppings were:
--BBQ chicken
--Chicken 'n Gravy
--Honey butter

We served the Biscuit buffet with broccoli with a cheese sauce.

It was a nice fun dinner with variety to please everyone.

Give it a try with whatever you have on hand for toppings.

Lunchmeat and PB and J might make this a nice snack or lunch.


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