Monday, December 08, 2008

Disciple Like Jesus

I just found out about this new site, Disciple Like Jesus, designed to help parents disciple their children. There are a number of interesting articles on the site. I have not read them all but the main point of the site, that we as parents must work to reverse the trend of our children leaving the church, was a valid one.

This Sunday, the sermon was about the problems in the American church. Our elder and speaker, Vince Loparo, mentioned that discipling grown children, ages 18-34, is still very important as that group seems largely uninterested in traditional Christian values according to poll data from our recent presidential election.

Homeschool parents, like all other Christian parents, must constantly re-evaluate how we are doing in raising our children with a biblical worldview.

The bottom line from Sunday's message at my church and the Disciple Like Jesus website is that it must begin with us, in our hearts and minds as parents.

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