Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Conquering The Bread Machine Challenge

I finally did it! I made my first loaf of bread machine bread. My wonderful friend Elizabeth over at Home Education Under Grace graciously gave me one of hers. She coached me a bit and today I took the plunge. Even my husband watched amazed as we watched the machine doing it's thing.

Once we could actually smell the loaf baking, the dream seemed to turning into a reality. Could I really have fresh-baked bread without kneading and rising and shaping? So cool!

Once I wrestled the bread out (if anyone has any tips on this, let me know), we ate a very yummy treat indeed.

The truth is, I enjoy making bread with Alyssa and will continue to do that sometimes but using the bread machine will enable us to have fresh-baked bread more often.

Thanks again, Elizabeth!

Also thanks to Hillbilly Housewife for her Bread Machine Missing Manual post. It was very useful.

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