Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Homeschool: Your Mission Statement Part 5

Now for the hard part- you need to prioritize your homeschooling vision, values and goals and commit them to paper, at least a first draft.

Again, I feel that this is difficult to do without much prayer and serious discussion among parents.

In our case, I began drafting some ideas and then presented them to my husband and we discussed them. We decided to build all of our homeschool on learning about Christ and the word of God. We felt it was especially important for us to write this down and let our kids know.

Part of why we felt it was important to clarify our worldview was because we were increasingly meeting homeschoolers who were Christian but who were emphatically NOT homeschooling for "Christian reasons". This helped us to clarify our position as a family who does homeschool for "Christian reasons". This in turn has made our approach clear and solidified our reasons for homeschooling. I know this clarity and commitment will become more important in the years to come as we face increasing challenges to homeschooling according to our faith both personally and culturally.

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