Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Homeschool: Your Mission Statement Part 2

In our last post in this series, I used the WalMart Mission Statement as an example of a large and profitable company that is meeting its goals that has a very detailed Mission Statement laid out.

Where does one go to find this information about WalMart? To their investor's page. Why there? Because before an investor commits a single cent to the WalMart operation he must be sure that the values and the mission make sense, are in keeping with his values and that the values laid out seem like they are bound for success.

Are you planning to invest in your family homeschool? You bet you are! Far beyond just the financial outlay for homeschool books, curriculum and other resources, you are also investing your time, efforts and energy for your family homeschool.

Would you like to experience success in your homeschooling efforts? Before you quickly answer "Yes of course, what a stupid question!" let me tell you that if you had not yet defined how you will measure success or what you will consider a successful outcome of your homeschooling you can not possibly know if you were "successful" or not.

How unfortunate to get farther down your homeschooling road only to realize that things are not going as you wanted because you did not carefully consider what your homeschooling goals were. I have seen this happen to homeschool families and it is very sad and disappointing to both parents and children alike.

Before you invest, do your homework. Then let your prayerful consideration and conversations with your husband lead to put in writing your family's homeschool mission statement.

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