Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Blessings of a Gift

I was humbled and surprised when a friend of mine, Elizabeth over at HomeEdUnderGrace had a book that I really wanted to sent to me from Christian Book Distributors. It was a collection of C.S. Lewis classics that I had seen at her house. Elizabeth is a very busy homeschool mom yet she took the time to think of me and to very specifically act on my behalf.

What a lovely bright spot in what was an otherwise dreary day to receive an unexpected and dare I say, undeserved gift. As thankful as I am for that gift, I am reminded of how much more grateful I should constantly be for the grace and mercy that God so undeservedly showed to me.

Is that perhaps the hidden blessing in every gift, that it reminds us of and points to the greatest gift ever given to mankind, Jesus Christ himself?

Now I am challenged: when was the last time that I stepped out of my busy life to bless someone else with an unexpected gift?

I pray that God will open my eyes and my heart so that I can bless someone with an unexpected gift that may make a difference.

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