Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Be Radical!: An Election Response

The votes are in and the American public has voted for radical change.

What about you, Christian homeschoolers? Have you considered becoming radical in your homeschooling? Have you thought about:

--Educating your children about current events from a Christian perspective?
--Teaching your children that it is OK not to fit in and be like others? Do you model this belief yourself or do you prefer to keep up with others?
--Speaking out loudly and boldly for your beliefs and teaching your children to do the same?
--Helping your children find and cultivate friendships with other godly children by befriending other godly families?
--teaching your children a biblical worldview from the very beginning of their education?
-Using Christian curriculum to teach your children?
-Challenging your children beyond their "delight" and their preferred learning styles?

These are the challenges that my family and I are posing for ourselves post-election. We know that this will not be easy and it may become even more difficult under a new administration that is financed and backed by the nation's largest and most anti-homeschooling organization, the NEA. Despite these challenges we ask: Won't you join us? Let us persevere in raising a new generation to stand strong in the Lord and bring revival to the Christian faith in America.

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