Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clear Play Filters DVDs For Your Family

Now there is a better way to watch movies with your family!
Introducing ClearPlay, the revolutionary technology that lets you skip the graphic violence, explicit scenes, and profanity in DVD movies.Click Here

We are excited to announce our partnership with ClearPlay Filtering DVD Players. We are still saving up to get one of these however, many families we know already have one and tell us what a blessing it is.
Check out the
ClearPlay Request For Information Page
for more information or read the FAQs and testimonials from the ClearPlay Website below:
What is ClearPlay?
ClearPlay is a fancy DVD Player that can play regular DVD movies -- but without profanity, violence and nudity.
Wow! How does that work?
We create filtering information on a movie by movie basis, and then put those "filters" into the DVD player. This way, the DVD player knows when to skip or mute while the movie is playing.
But isn't it choppy?
Nope. Like you we love movies and take great care to maintain the movie presentation quality - the only thing gone is "that one scene" you wish the kids never saw.

What about new movies?

Another great question! If you sign up for a ClearPlay Membership then we provide constant updates for your DVD player. This way ClearPlay works with new movies as they come out. It is really just that simple.

Clear Play Testimonials

We love it. Thanks for the opportunity of allowing our family to view and purchase DVDs we would have never before.
Brett - Clarkston, MI Click Here

You guys have a great product! I'm very excited about being able to watch some "good except for a bit of language" movies with my kids.
Derek - Edmonton Alberta Click Here

I just wanted to thank your company for providing a service to help those who are struggling to maintain standards for the family in terms of entertainment.
Jim Click Here

Thank you for what you are trying to do to give parents more control
A concerned mom - Wisconsin Click Here

I just wanted to thank you and your company for creating this technology to filter out unnecessary content from movies.
Marc Click Here

Thank you for developing this technology. It is about time we, as parents and conscientious adults, have a choice to enjoy movies
Chris Click Here

Just got mine. Love it! The downloading was quick and easy. How refreshing to listen to a movie and not have to worry about offensive content. Thanks!
The Carters - Memphis, TN Click Here

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