Friday, August 29, 2008

New Books Came Today!

I was so happy to see the UPS man at the front door that I had to be careful not to give him the wrong idea lol!

Truly, it was not him I was happy to see but my (hopefully) final shipment of books from
Christian Book Distributors

I order nearly all of my new homeschooling books from them because it is very convenient to do so. They now have my shipping information set up in my account so I can log on and start adding to my cart pretty quickly.

I have been fortunate in that everything that I have needed has been in stock and it usually comes 1 day before they say it will and for that I am grateful.

I think I have everybody at the best grade level so we will go with where we are for now.

Our HomeSat Satellite has been re-pointed to where it needs to go and I am one happy homeschooling mama now. I was quite the bear yesterday and had to ask forgiveness today for my previously grumpy attitude.

All's well that ends well.

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