Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Homeschool!

My children are very excited about getting back in the full swing of homeschooling.

Chase can not wait to start 3rd grade and Alyssa is happy that she will learn to read (just like big brother!) in kindergarten.

We are off to a slow start because of family illness as well as some technical glitches but I am trying out my commitment to be more patient this year already.

We will be using BJU Press 3rd grade and K5 as our primary curriculum for all subjects with many add-ons.

I like the breadth and depth of the BJU Press curriculum. I know that some homeschool moms find it overwhelming but it works well if you view the curriculum as a huge buffet. There are so many learning activities suggested that I do not feel we need to do every single one to get a very good education.

How is your homeschool year starting out?


Connie said...

We're getting ready to start back on Tuesday! We are at the opposite end of the homeschool spectrum from you. This will be our daughter's SENIOR year.

My daughter has not been a school fan. She'd rather draw. However, she is excited to be nearing the "finish" line. It makes me chuckle to hear her say that this will be the end of school. What she doesn't know is - school keeps happening, formally or informally, it never ends!

We've been eclectic in our curriculum. Early on we used a lot of Literature based curriculum, finally lighting on Sonlight. I don't buy new, or the entire program. I buy the teacher's material used, and borrow all the books from the library. Saves money.

However, this year we will be doing BJU English, and BJU Government.

You have a wonderful homeschool year!


Anonymous said...

Some of my children are excited about starting school! We are participating in a coop and my oldest daughter attends a coop once a week where she takes an American Lit class and a photography class