Friday, July 25, 2008

Furnishing Moms for the Kingdom of God

From 2 Timothy 3:17- we are told that the Word of God is provided for us so that 'the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.'

What does it mean to be equipped? Some definitions from the original Greek word translated 'equipped' include to finished, completed or furnished.

Furnished? I thought that was an interesting definition so I investigated this term more. The KJV uses the word 'furnished' in it's translation.

Webster's (1828) gives this definition of furnished:
Supplied; garnished; fitted with necessaries.

When I think of furnished, I think of furnishing a house. What does that involve? The owners of a home do not just buy or build the house and leave it empty. They know that if the house is to fully function in it's role of providing shelter and comfort, it must be properly furnished.

The homeowner becomes the furnisher as well and he takes great care not to neglect any small detail in setting up the house to be as useful for living as possible.

Does the house furnish or complete itself? No. The homeowner is the furnisher, the one who supplies just as our Holy Father has supplied us with all that we need to glorify him and accomplish the tasks he has set before us.

Who am I to think that I am not qualified or equipped when my owner, lord and master is the Creator of the Universe? God will give me no task for which he has not fully equipped me. How challenging it is for me to remember this some days!

The word furnish brings in mind to me the sense of "provide". I must look only to god as my provider, the one who completes me through whatever earthly and supernatural means he sees fit.

My prayer: Lord, I just want to rightly handle the truth, your truth as revealed in your Word. Help me to trust you to guide me in this.

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