Sunday, February 05, 2006

Review: Help Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!

It was my pleasure to review this book for Mind and Media. Although billed as a children's book, this funny story of government interference run amok is more appropriate for older teens and adults who will more fully appreciate the political implications of the story.

In the story, two young boys who have learned the value of hard work from their parents decide to start a lemonade stand. They are diligent and conscientious and produce a good product much to the consternation of the town liberals. From the mayor on down, the liberals set up so many roadblocks and limitations that the boys' original intentions of starting a simple, high-quality business became lost.

My son, who is 5, seemed to enjoy the story. He did not understand the details but he liked the idea of two boys starting a lemonade stand. He did appreciate that they were opposed in their efforts and he understood that the boys were right to persevere anyway. I did have to try to explain in gentle terms what a liberal was and let my son know that they really are not under anyone's bed.

I found this book to be amusing with great colorful pictures. My husband likes to use it to educate liberals about the problems with liberalism. I am not sure how I like it as a children's book but maybe I will try again when my children are older.

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