Thursday, June 16, 2005

Reasons to Homeschool Your Son

This article is a good overview of the problems paguing boys in our schools today. Unfortunately, the crisis that began in our elementary schools has now spread to our colleges.

Once again, we are left to deal with the fall-out of well-intentioned but WRONG liberal feminists. They felt that by promoting the academic achievement of girls over that of boys, they were doing society a favor.

The problem was, their premise was wrong. The historic feminist movement is based on the fact that men are bad. If men are bad, then boys, being the precursor of men, must be bad also. Even writing this hurts my heart in a siginificant way! To paint my sweet little boy as a caricature of a brutish, club-wielding male is so painful! How horrible to believe that an entire gender is just no good! Isn't that what feminists fought against? There should not be a "war" between girls and boys. I do not have a problem bringing girls up to par alongside boys. But this should not be done at the expense of boys.

The worse thing of all is it is hard to envision how this tide will ever be turned around. The problem is that the liberal feminists responsible for the current skewed poicies need to save face. Despite evidence to the contrary, they continue to wail and moan and that girls are discriminated against while boys are being groomed to rule the world. They refuse to admit that "boys are people too" and they refuse to acknowledge, let alone change their policies and mission statements, that boys are truly in danger.

Is it because this is, consciously or unconsciously, exactly what feminists have wanted all along? Not really a world in which men and women were equal but a world in which women dominate men? The irony is that this wish reflects exactly what liberal feminists claimed to have been fighting against all these years- the brutish male impulse to conquer.

So you fought the fight and won. You see your enemy is down and what do you do? Just keep pummeling him, right into the ground.

Just keep homeschooling your boys everyone!

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