Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Poem: Conqueror

By Victoria Carrington

It seems so dark everywhere
Memories are suffocating
Wrapped around like a too-tight scarf
No one can know the depth of the darkness
Thoughts of ending it all to find peace
But the little voice says “No”
The evil that has hurt me would have won
This suffering is unique
Horrible but unique
Create from the broken pieces a new whole
If I go then who
Can offer comfort to another of having seen pain
This suffering must count for something
I will keep my hurt, my sorrow
Boulders that weigh me down now
In time become pebbles I can carry
Always present but easier to bear
Rough edges stab my consciousness at times
But new memories are made every day
And they start to crowd out the old
I get bigger and stronger and older everyday
I win.

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