Saturday, June 04, 2005


"Hey mommy, do you know that phytoplankton is a tiny species in the ocean that sea animals can eat?"

What's that?, come again?, what did he say? were the thoughts that rambled through my mind as I was fixing up dinner and trying to listen to Chase at the same time.

"What did you say, sweetie?" I asked to clear up the confusion.

"Phytoplankton. Mommy, you never heard of phytoplankton?"

"Well of course I have but I did not know that you had. Where did you learn about phytoplankton?"

Chase went on to inform me that he learned about phytoplankton from "The Magic School Bus" videos that we get from the library. He went on to amaze me with his knowledge of sea life in general.

I knew that Chase has been interested in sharks, whales and the human body but I never though he was actually retaining the material from the books, videos and software we were getting out of the library.

Most of the materials were advanced for his age and I had learned my lesson about pushing too hard so I was content to let Chase learn about biology at his own pace.

Wow. This relaxed homeschooling really works!

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