Thursday, June 09, 2005

Love of Learning

It seems what veteran homeschoolers say is true. Learning never has to stop, even in the summer.

We love summer around here. See my post here at the Christian Homeschool Mom blog community, for more.

But I notice that Chase is as interested in learning as ever. From wanting to know more about the skin and pores of the shark to learning about phytoplankton, he truly seems thirsty for new information. I don't know if I could stop him from learning if I wanted to do so!

I do find it interesting that there are those in our life who do not want Chase to learn too much. As if I am tying down and making him sit in a corner to learn all day! I do not like it when others make learning seem like a chore within earshot of my son. He is still at the age in which he thinks learning is fun.

I hope it stays that way.

Overall, have most of you found that the love of learning stays with homeschoolers even as they get older?

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