Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Imagination of a Four-Year Old

Chase is so imaginative. He spends most of day in imaginative play of one sort or another. From stuffed animals acting out every day situations, to daring rescues with his trucks and trains, it seems the boy is almost constantly being creative. He finds new ways to use old toys, kitchen gadgets and even his sister's scrunchies!

I want some more of that creativity and imagination I told God yesterday. As I dusted off some old poems to submit as greeting card verse, I felt I was washing out a few cobwebs from the recesses of my brain to enhance and enlarge the poems.

So yesterday I realized how much I want to be more like Chase, more imaginative, using the creativity bequeathed to me and to all of us from Our Creator, The Ultimate Creator.

God gave us our wonderful minds and the ability to see things that do not yet exist and call them into being. Wow. I can imagine what words I want to write and the Lord helps me to put those words on paper, giving life to ideas or stories.

I just stopped to realize, God did not have to give us that ability. We could instead be bound by our senses, by what we can see and experience, but He chose to give us humans more. Why? Because He cared enough for us to make us in His image.

Sometimes, I just have to stop and say wow, God is really good and He is good all the time! What a powerful and mighty God we serve!

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